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Many of our patients take advantage of cosmetic injectables such as BotoxⓇ, DysportⓇ, JuvédermⓇ, RestylaneⓇ, SculptraⓇ, or PRP due to the minimal downtime and the natural and youthful results they deliver. While these treatments are often quick and painless, some of our patients do experience varying levels of bruising at the injection sites. This after effect can happen when one of the thousands of tiny veins and blood vessels in the face is nicked. This is a common after effect because we cannot see those tiny vessels… until now. We like our patients to be fully informed before trying any new treatment, administering device, or procedure; therefore, Dr. Fatakhov has answered the most commonly asked questions that our patients have had about AccuVeinⓇ and why he sees it as an invaluable tool in his practice.

Accuvein Q&A

What is AccuVein?

AccuVein is the first handheld, non-contact vein location device in the world that provides medical professionals with a detailed visual of underlying vasculature before and during cosmetic treatments. AccuVein can also assist in sclerotherapy procedures by identifying the source of spider vein clusters so they can be treated more accurately.

Benefits of the using AccuVein:

  • Reduces pain by 39%
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful first stick by 3.5 times
  • 96% two stick success rate in females with a BMI over 35 (50% two stick success rate without)

This groundbreaking technology allows Dr. Fatakhov to decrease the occurrence of bruising, improve patient comfort and shorten healing time post treatment.

How does AccuVein work?

The breakthrough AccuVein
technology exposes the hemoglobin in your blood to safe infrared laser light. Your hemoglobin absorbs this light which in turn makes your veins stand out from the surrounding tissue. AccuVein’s ability to locate veins is incredibly precise and can locate vasculature of all sizes, no matter how small.

How Does AccuVein Make Injectable Treatments Safer?

Injectable treatments are popular because of their lack of invasiveness and incisions. Take Botox for example. Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments we see for its effective ability to block signals between your nerves and muscles. This interference is what prevents the injected muscle from contracting. Though Botox is safe and FDA approved it still causes temporary paralysis by way of a neurotoxin.

When performing Botox
injections, a major concern is migration of the neurotoxin. This is a rare occurrence but one that still requires caution for any administering medical professional. If migration occurs, adverse effects such as issues with smiling, drooping eyelid, or problems speaking or swallowing could occur.

AccuVein’s accuracy in vein location is a game changer for eliminating the likelihood of injectable migration. 

Why use AccuVein?

AccuVein eliminates risk of product migration and of bruising. This significantly reduces any potential side effects while greatly reducing downtime and healing periods. AccuVein also allows Dr. Fatakhov to be as precise as possible with each and every injection by locating and avoiding veins.

With What Treatments Can AccuVein Be Used?

AccuVein can assist in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. For patients whose veins are harder to locate, even for routine blood draws, AccuVein can make lab work quicker and far less painful than it would be if we had to search for a vein.

Who Is a Good Candidate for AccuVein?

AccuVein works essentially for everyone. This technology works with all skin types and skin tones, and is used in thousands of hospitals, clinics and accredited medical facilities.  Vein location technology is tested and proven to be of great benefit. Vein visualization is quickly becoming standard practice for physicians all over the world.

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