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IV Nutrient Therapy Specialist

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The Center for Internal & Integrative Medicine now offers IV Nutrient Therapy. IV Nutrient Therapy, or IVNT, is an effective means of providing vital nutrients to the body at the cellular level. Beneficial as an adjunct therapy in treating a wide range of clinical conditions, IVNT can produce dramatic results. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, seasonal allergies, depression and migraines have been well controlled by these treatments.

IV Nutrient Therapy Q & A

What is in the IV Nutrient Formulas?

We use only the highest pharmaceutical grade nutritional injectables in our IV treatments.  The vitamins, minerals and nutrients used are identical to the natural substances your cells produce when they are healthy.  Vitamin C, various B vitamins, magnesium, and the potent antioxidant - glutathione - are some of the valuable ingredients we often use. 


Are There Different Types of IV Nutrient Therapy and What Should I Expect?

Formulas can be specialized to address a broad range of conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies and provide many benefits, including increased energy and immune boosting.  Each treatment is carefully prepared immediately before administration.  A Registered Nurse will insert a small sterile catheter directly into a vein (usually in the forearm).  In as little as 30 to 60 minutes, the solution is infused directly into your bloodstream delivering the nutrients exactly where they are most needed, in the cells.

On occasion, some patients may experience head and body aches for up to a day or so after receiving IV treatment.  If this happens, do not worry.  This phenomenon is associated with detoxification.  As your cells receive the nutrition they need, they get “jump started” and begin pushing accumulated waste products and toxins out of the cells.  These toxins and waste products are excreted from the body.  It is not uncommon to feel “out of sorts” or tired for a short time, but as the toxins are eliminated you will begin to feel more energized and healthier.  Other patients experience unusually high levels of energy, stamina and focus following treatment. 


Why Get IV Nutrients When I Can Just Take a Supplement By Mouth?

The best way to get your nutrients is by eating a healthy diet that is high in the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to maintain optimal health.  Unfortunately, the average diet does not usually fit the bill.  On top of that, many products used in the soil deplete the foods of valuable vitamins and minerals.  To make matters worse, chronic stress, high sugar intake, caffeine, infections, antibiotics, inadequate nutritional intake and/or poor nutritional intake causes many of us to suffer with a poorly functioning digestive tract.  IVNT allows us to bypass the gut and the digestive tract.  If are digestive tract isn’t functioning well, it will not properly absorb nutrients (or supplements) taken orally.  IVNT gets nutrients directly to the cells.

How Do I Get Started?

You can contact us to set up a free consult to review your specific conditions/goals and discuss how you may benefit from IV Nutrient Therapy.  The Center for Internal & Integrative Medicine offers multiple treatment protocols for specific conditions or general wellbeing:

  • Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Detox
  • Libido
  • Immunity
  • Memory
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