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Following a simple method of eating nutritious foods and exercising daily doesn’t always produce desired weight loss results. Many factors, such as underlying health problems or a loss of motivation, can make it harder for you to lose weight. At The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Eduard Fatakhov offers medical and hormonal weight loss for patients in Alpharetta, Georgia, who struggle with weight loss.

Weight Loss Q & A

What are the benefits of medical weight loss?

When you have trouble losing weight on your own, a medical weight loss program can be helpful. These programs provide you with guidance and the expertise of nutrition experts, so you can make sure you’re making the right decisions and following the right advice on losing weight. At The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Fatakhov offers expertise and guidance to help you successfully lose weight and keep it off.

How can Dr. Fatakhov help me with weight loss?

Dr. Fatakhov is a wellness coach, nutritionist, and dietitian, which means he has extensive knowledge and experience helping patients lose weight while also improving their overall well-being through healthier eating. As a nutrition expert, he has co-authored the Doctors’ Clinic-30 Program, a weight loss program that doesn’t rely on specific diet plans or challenging fitness routines that are hard to follow.

How does the Doctors’ Clinic-30 Program work?

This program helps you lose weight through healthy eating based on the food group principles. You’ll learn how to control the portions you eat in addition to making healthy food choices, which helps you build good habits for losing weight and keeping it off. Dr. Fatakhov will provide you with more detailed information on this program and discuss how to increase your energy levels and how to correct the lifestyle choices that lead to weight gain.

What else can help me lose weight?

Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis are effective ways to lose weight, but sometimes, you need additional help. Dr. Fatakhov might recommend taking supplements that help your body lose weight, such as DHEA supplements that boost your metabolism. He might also discuss hormonal weight loss methods that focus on helping you achieve optimal hormone levels. For example, if you have high cortisol or low thyroid hormones, Dr. Fatakhov can help you balance these in order to promote weight loss.

How do I keep weight off after losing it?

Dr. Fatakhov will provide you with tips and advice on maintaining a healthy weight. As you go through a medical weight loss program under his care, you’ll also develop important habits to help you continue eating healthy and exercising, which lowers your risk of putting weight back on.

If you need help with weight loss, please contact The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fatakhov.

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