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Your body and mind need sleep to function at their best. When you have insomnia, a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally. At The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Eduard Fatakhov offers medical and natural treatments for patients in Alpharetta, Georgia who suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia Q & A

What are the symptoms of insomnia?

When you have insomnia, it can affect your ability to sleep in different ways. Some of the symptoms of insomnia that you might experience include the following:

  • Waking up too early
  • Trouble going to sleep
  • Feeling irritable or anxious
  • Getting up throughout the night
  • Making mistakes at school or work
  • Feeling fatigued or sleepy in the morning, even after sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating, remembering things, and performing other cognitive tasks

Why do I have insomnia?

You can have insomnia on a short-term or long-term basis. Acute illnesses or stressful events might cause short-term insomnia. Chronic or long-term insomnia can occur from any of the following:

  • Chronic stress
  • Mental health disorders
  • Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders
  • Bad sleep habits, such as napping in the afternoon
  • Work schedule that disrupts your natural sleep cycle
  • Certain medications, such as medications for blood pressure
  • Underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Foods and beverages consumed later in the day or evening, especially those with caffeine

What problems can insomnia cause?

Insomnia can cause severe problems in your everyday life and lead to health complications. You might perform poorly at school or work, and you might have a higher chance of being in accidents. Your risk of certain health problems, including high blood pressure, also goes up when you have insomnia. Dr. Fatakhov can help you come up with a treatment plan that eases your symptoms and manages the underlying cause of your condition.

What treatment options are there for insomnia?

Dr. Fatakhov offers both natural remedies and medication for insomnia. The type of treatment you’ll need depends on the cause of your insomnia. If you have insomnia related to the aging process, such as insomnia linked to menopause, he might recommend hormonal replacement to correct hot flashes, incontinence, and other hormone-related sleep problems. Other treatment options might include cognitive-behavioral therapy, over-the-counter sleep aids, or prescription medications for short-term use. Dr. Fatakhov might also recommend taking melatonin, valerian, or other supplements that help promote healthy sleep.

If you need treatment for insomnia, please contact The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine to set up an appointment with Dr. Fatakhov.

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